I Am No Man

But I’m often told by my brother-in-law that I have the biggest balls at home. I fix things whether it be in carpentry, plumbing or whatnot. If its broken, I do my best to learn how to fix it. And that is aside from doing the cooking and cleaning and keeping my family comfortable as much as I can.

I am merely the youngest at home. I am the last one in line so I have learned to always see the good and positive of whatever comes my way. I try to keep quiet when compalints arise in me because I choose to respect people older than me. It is difficult at times, but I usually win by convincing myself that I always learn something so I know what to do the next time it happens.

But I am a woman. My hands may not be soft like what most men expect them to be. I don’t have a body to die for neither. I have someone who loves me as well. Though we only see each other once in a few months. At times I wonder if I’m not worth it to be with all the time. But our distance taught me to be independent. He makes me want to be a better person.

But its times like this though when I feel like I’m not appreciated. And so I dream of meeting a man who would open a door for me, thank me for doing a small but kind deed, or suddenly just give me a pretty flower. A random guy probably, who has “bigger balls”. Someone who would make me want to feel a better woman you know.


About mfushidara

I am not Japanese. It is just a pen name.

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